Meet the Team


André M. Mansoor, M.D.

Maniraj Jeyaraju, MD

Peter Sullivan, M.D.

Joseph G. Nugent, M.D., M.P.H., M.H.S.

Ishita Sharma, M.B.B.S.


David Mansoor

David designed and drew our logo. His rendition of the jugular venous waveform is close enough for a psychiatrist!






Molly Fisher

Molly is a versatile artist who rendered our logo and created many of the other drawings featured on the site. We could always count on her to take our ideas to the next level.




Emily Mitchell

Emily is a talented photographer (and medical student) who captured the shots of our favorite analog stethoscope that you see featured throughout the site. 






Lori Vaskalis

Lori produces professional scientific drawings and figures for publication. She is the artist behind the jugular venous waveform tracings featured in the cardiology tutorial page and within many of the annotated videos of the jugular venous waveform.



Kannu Bansal

Kannu is a medical student who helped write quiz questions for the site.



Maniraj Jeyaraju

Maniraj is a medical student who created the annotations and animations for our narrated videos.



Travis Smith & LECOM medical students

Travis Smith & his team of medical students provided detailed answer explanations to quiz questions.